THE ABYSS (Special Edition) 35th Anniversary

Date: 06/05/2024 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
Where to Watch: Stream on Hulu, Paramount+ on Apple TV+, Showtime on Apple TV+; rent or purchase on Amazon, iTunes, etc.
THE ABYSS (Special Edition) 35th Anniversary


After two smash hits in a row with THE TERMINATOR and ALIENS, James Cameron took on THE ABYSS, a characteristically ambitious underwater thriller that became the first commercial disappointment of his career. A few years after the film's theatrical release, Cameron went back to the deep to both further develop characters and properly realize the film's VFX-filled conclusion. The resulting special edition is a visual and aural groundbreaker with its Oscar-winning special effects, Oscar-nominated cinematography, and Oscar-nominated sound that admirably remains grounded due to its marital drama played out powerfully by Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. 35 years after its release, this once-maligned film stands tall in the master filmmaker's filmography.


supervising Dody Dorn, ACE; Blake Leyh; Mikael Salomon, ASC, DFF

Guest Bio:

Mikael Salomon, ASC, is a director and cinematographer best known for directing HARD RAIN and episodes of BAND OF BROTHERS (Emmy win), THE COMPANY (Emmy nom), and THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (Emmy nom) as well as shooting TORCH SONG TRILOGY, ALWAYS, THE ABYSS (Oscar nom), ARACHNOPHOBIA, BACKDRAFT (Oscar, BAFTA noms for Best Visual Effects), and FAR AND AWAY.

Dody Dorn, ACE, is a film editor best known for REBEL MOON, ARMY OF THE DEAD, ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, FURY, END OF WATCH, AUSTRALIA, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, MATCHSTICK MEN, INSOMNIA, and MEMENTO (Oscar nom), among many others. Prior to being a film editor, she was a sound editor on numerous acclaimed films including THE ABYSS.

Blake Leyh is a sound designer, music supervisor, and composer. Sound credits include HARRIET, INTO THE WOODS, THE READER, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, FRIDA, Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN, and THE ABYSS. Music supervising/mixing credits include THE WIRE, TREME (Emmy win, Grammy nom), SHOW ME A HERO, THE DEUCE, and THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA.Composing credits include PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL and THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA.