ALL THAT JAZZ 45th Anniversary

Date: 03/26/2024 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
Where to Watch: Available on Blu-ray/DVD
ALL THAT JAZZ 45th Anniversary


With ALL THAT JAZZ, Bob Fosse made his own 8 1/2. A simultaneously self-deprecating and self-congratulatory tale, this Cannes Palme d’Or and multi-Oscar-winner found Fosse and all of his collaborators working at the peak of their powers in telling the story of a chain-smoking, workaholic, womanizing director who works himself into oblivion while struggling to balance his work and personal lives. Grounded and energized by a career-defining performance from Roy Scheider, this dazzling, disturbing musical drama is immensely elevated by the Oscar-winning work of legendary editor Alan Heim, ACE, whose jagged, electrifying cutting influenced decades of films.


Alan Heim, ACE

Guest Bio:

Alan Heim, ACE is a film editor best known for editing ALL THAT JAZZ (Oscar win), NETWORK (Oscar nom.), LENNY, and STAR 80, among many others. ALL THAT JAZZ was voted as the fourth best-edited film of all time by MPEG.