Date: 01/18/2024 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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After the one-two punch of LADY BIRD and LITTLE WOMEN, filmmaker Greta Gerwig took on her biggest project yet: BARBIE. A triumph of imagination, BARBIE cleverly uses the eponymous character and Ken to explore the roles of women in society and the challenges they face. Cut by longtime Gerwig editor Nick Houy, the film moves at a breakneck pace, perfectly in sync with Gerwig’s unique rhythms. Both the highest grossing and one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2023, BARBIE is destined to influence the next many years of cinema, but it will be hard to replicate the infectious energy of the inimitable original.


Nick Houy, ACE

Guest Bio:

Nick Houy, ACE, is an editor best known for his collaborations with Greta Gerwig on LADY BIRD, LITTLE WOMEN, and BARBIE. He won an Emmy for THE NIGHT OF and was nominated for an ACE Eddie Award for LADY BIRD.