Date: 12/11/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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One of the most commercially and critically successful films of all time - also one of the most iconic - E.T.: THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL is a work of heart-stopping beauty and empathy. Following a lonely boy whose life is changed when he finds a friendly alien hiding in his family’s outdoor shed, E.T. is an artful blockbuster also has the distinction of not being cut by Spielberg’s go-to editor Michael Kahn. Instead, the now-legendary Carol Littleton was hired, and with this film, she executes some of her most brilliant work, bringing out the most in both E.T.’s action and dramatic sequences. Featuring a closing sequence so elementally powerful (and nearly wordless) that it can be compared to that of Chaplin’s masterpiece, CITY LIGHTS, E.T. is a timeless wonder whose riches continue to amaze.


Carol Littleton, ACE

Guest Bio:

Carol Littleton, ACE is an editor best known for her longtime collaboration with filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan for whom she edited, among others, BODY HEAT, THE BIG CHILL, SILVERADO, GRAND CANYON, and THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST. She has also edited E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (Oscar, BAFTA noms), PLACES IN THE HEART, BENNY & JOON, and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (2004), along with dozens of other films. She previously served as the president of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, and in 2016, she received the ACE Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2023, Carol will receive the Academy Honorary Award.