Date: 08/21/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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Co-Presented with American Cinema Editors. Anyone who decided to turn The Police's "Roxanne" into a 19th Century-set tango number must be some kind of mad genius, and that's exactly what the inimitable Baz Luhrmann did in his wondrous, utterly ingenious MOULIN ROUGE! Remixing a classic story for the MTV age, this bonkers melange of late-20th Century pop songs combined with a Belle ?poque Parisian setting features a game cast led by the enchanting Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman and sumptuous design from Catherine Martin. But, the film's MVP remains editor Jill Bilcock (Oscar-nominated for her work) who masterfully swirls Luhrmann's manic acid-tinged footage into a moving cinematic whirlwind that went on to influence countless other works, none of which matched the cinematic high of the stunning original.


Jill Bilcock

Guest Bio:

Jill Bilcock is an editor best known for MOULIN ROUGE! (Oscar nom), STRICTLY BALLROOM, A CRY IN THE DARK, ROMEO + JULIET, ELIZABETH, ROAD TO PERDITION, and MURIEL'S WEDDING, among many others. The Motion Picture Editors Guild ranked MOULIN ROUGE! as one of the best-edited films of all time.