Date: 02/27/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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DUMB AND DUMBER is a film that has rarely been properly appreciated for the achievement that it is despite being a huge commercial hit. In another filmmaker's hands, DUMB AND DUMBER would have been an insufferable 107-minute feature of non-stop gags and toilet humor that never build to anything, but as executed by the Farrelly Brothers and Bennett Yellin, DUMB AND DUMBER is a movie that, like the great classics, uses situational comedy to derive laughs and carefully builds scenes to land with maximum impact. Cast completely against-type, Jeff Daniels proves to be the perfect foil to Jim Carrey's insanely over-the-top turn as Lloyd Christmas. But the real reason why Daniels and Carrey's performances work, though, is simply because they, and the creative team, treat Harry and Lloyd as human beings, not walking jokes. Genius has never looked as stupid as it does in DUMB AND DUMBER.


Bennett Yellin

Guest Bio:

Bennett Yellin is a screenwriter best known for co-writing the blockbuster hit, DUMB AND DUMBER, as well as its sequel, DUMB AND DUMBER TO and the story for STUCK ON YOU. The screenplay for DUMB AND DUMBER was ranked as one of the funniest ever written by the Writers Guild of America.