Date: 02/16/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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A dramedy with a bitter, cynical edge, SHAMPOO follows a vapid hairdresser who sleeps his way through 1968 Beverly Hills on Election Night is both very much of its time and completely timeless. As scripted by Warren Beatty and Robert Towne, SHAMPOO is a film that's full of contradictions and all subtext - its beautiful veneer hiding something less pretty beneath the surface. With a superb ensemble including Beatty, Goldie Hawn, Julie Christie, Jack Warden, and a sublime, Oscar-winning Lee Grant, SHAMPOO is a smart slice of American filmmaking with a refreshing lack of suds.


Lee Grant

Guest Bio:

Lee Grant is a filmmaker and actress best known for directing TELL ME A RIDDLE, WHEN WOMEN KILL, WHAT SEX AM I?, DOWN AND OUT IN AMERICA (Oscar-winner for Best Documentary), and NOBODY'S CHILD (DGA win), among many others, and for her performances in such films and TV shows as DETECTIVE STORY (Oscar, Golden Globe noms), PEYTON PLACE (Emmy win), VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (Golden Globe nom), THE LANDLORD (Oscar, Golden Globe noms), SHAMPOO (Oscar win, Golden Globe nom), and VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (Oscar, Golden Globe noms), among many others. After her acclaimed film debut in DETECTIVE STORY, she was put on the Hollywood blacklist for 12 years before rebuilding her now-legendary career.