Date: 02/09/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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Female-led R-rated comedies were in short supply before the arrival of BRIDESMAIDS, but this critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated blockbuster proved beyond any kind of doubt that audiences would indeed show up in droves for this kind of film. It also didn't hurt that BRIDESMAIDS is one of the best films of its decade - brilliantly-scripted by Annie Mumolo and Kristin Wiig, profoundly profane, and performed to perfection by its insanely talented cast (with Melissa McCarthy's live-wire Oscar-nominated turn being a particular highlight). Examining the highs and lows and unshakably strong bonds of female friendship, BRIDESMAIDS is oft-imitated but has never been equaled.


Paul Feig

Guest Bio:

Paul Feig is a filmmaker best known for directing the hit films BRIDESMAIDS, THE HEAT, SPY, and GHOSTBUSTERS, among many others. He also created the TV series FREAKS AND GEEKS and OTHER SPACE and has directed for such shows as THE OFFICE, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and WEEDS, among many others. His TV work has earned him five Primetime Emmy nominations.