AMERICAN GRAFFITI 50th Anniversary

Date: 01/12/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
Where to Watch: Rent or purchase on Amazon, iTunes, etc.
AMERICAN GRAFFITI 50th Anniversary


Before STAR WARS changed cinema forever, George Lucas created AMERICAN GRAFFITI which launched numerous careers and influenced countless films afterwards. Set in 1962, this film looks at a group of teen?s final night at home before college with clarity and emotional honesty. Though released 50 years ago, AMERICAN GRAFFITI hasn?t aged a day, as it captures the universal joys and heartbreaks of growing up in America.


Willard Huyck

Guest Bio:

Willard Huyck is a screenwriter and director best known for co-writing AMERICAN GRAFFITI (Oscar nom) and INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, and co-writing/directing MESSIAH OF EVIL, among many others.