Date: 11/16/2023 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
Where to Watch: Stream on Paramount+ and Pluto TV, rent or purchase on Amazon, iTunes, etc.


What CLUELESS was to teens of the '90s, MEAN GIRLS is to teens of the '00s: endlessly quotable, endlessly funny, and, most importantly, endlessly relatable. While successful upon its release, MEAN GIRLS' true success came in the years after its release when it developed a huge following of fans of all ages and genders who connected to its story of a nice girl who falls in with a crowd of mean girls. An example of a harmonious marriage of director (Mark Waters) and screenwriter (Tina Fey), MEAN GIRLS will live on as long as there are divisions between good and bad girls in high school.


Mark Waters

Guest Bio:

Mark Waters is a filmmaker best known for MEAN GIRLS, FREAKY FRIDAY, and THE HOUSE OF YES, among many others. He also produced 500 Days of Summer.